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Marla Blackwell

Marla Blackwell, a talented artist hailing from Southern Alberta, Canada, found her artistic muse in the breathtaking landscapes of the foothills and tree-filled regions around Calgary. Born and raised amidst the prairie and grain fields, Marla’s deep connection to nature is evident in her vibrant paintings. Marla Blackwell’s artistic journey is not only about capturing the beauty of the landscapes that surround her, but also about weaving together a story of connection and shared experiences. With each brushstroke, she seeks to ignite a sense of wonder and a renewed appreciation for the world we inhabit

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More about Marla's work.

With a versatile style that ranges from traditional to abstract, Marla is constantly driven by the emotions that each moment evokes in her. Her artwork holds the power to captivate and deeply impact viewers, inviting them to experience the same emotions that flow through her as she creates. Alongside her mastery of landscape painting, Marla also showcases her passion for contemporary figure art on her dedicated “Figures Page.”


Marla finds fulfillment in sharing her knowledge and she happily extends her expertise through various classes and workshops, which are meticulously detailed on the “Classes / Workshops” page. Marla’s genuine love for teaching art shines through as she invites anyone, be it art enthusiasts or aspiring artists, to immerse themselves in the beauty of the present moment.

Whether you seek to admire or create art, Marla Blackwell invites you to join her on a journey of artistic expression and tranquility in the timeless landscapes of her beloved nation.


Marla is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Connect with her.


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