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Marla Blackwell
Fine Arts Painter

Winter landscape painting.

Creating art is a truly fulfilling and inspiring experience. It's a journey of thoughts and emotions, where every stroke of the brush leads to another. Since I was young, art has been my greatest passion, transporting me to a whole new world. When people look at my paintings, I hope they can fully immerse themselves in the artwork, feeling the pull of my brush marks, whether it's a beautiful landscape, an abstract piece, or a captivating figure painting.

Sharing my knowledge and teaching others is an incredible extension of this passion. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of witnessing the energy and fulfillment in others as they embark on their own creative journey. Join me on this artistic adventure!


Marla Blackwell's profile picture.
Figure painting of a child paying in the sand.

Autumn Art Show

🍂 Explore the Magic of Autumn at our Exquisite Art Show! 🎨

Please join me as we celebrate Autumn in Alberta…. A continuation of My Annual Autumn Show and Sale; Sunday, October 22, 2023, at my Cochrane home. You can relax enjoying the fine art, fine wine and fine food. A perfect experience in the heart of the foothills on a Sunday afternoon.  


Enjoy the day with vivid colors and dynamic brushstrokes that bring the essence of Autumn to life on canvas. I would love to see you all, along with new collectors and admirers of fine art, once again. Please notify me with any questions or inquiries. 


As the days leading up to the show approach, stay tuned for regular updates and sneak peeks of the awe-inspiring masterpieces that await you. Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries, as I am delighted to assist you in making this experience one to remember.


Autumn Art Show Creations!