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Summer Pond


My home is in the foothills of Southern Alberta. Every day I am inspired by the beauty surrounding us. The Rocky Mountains are very near to the west and the prairie to the east. It seems natural to paint my images of the land not only at my studio but also outside in the fresh air.

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The abstract paintings I create are an intuitive and carefree style of the landscape. I throw caution to the wind and paint whatever may occur to me in the moment. The paintings may be recognized as a landscape or with other pieces the viewer can interpret with their own imagination. Engaging the viewer is my ultimate goal.

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Figure painting gives me such joy! I am often commissioned by clients to paint images of their little people. Figures in motion such as a toddler on the beach or playing with their pet, is so intriguing and ordinary at the same time. I love to embrace the simplicity and have it captured on canvas.

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